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By: 琪王

Creality 3DPRINTMILL (CR-30) 3D Printer


CR-30 Creality 3D Printer

This chapter introduces one of the best-selling CR 30 printer products in the world among Creality 3D printers In a series of announcements in the early spring of 2020, Creality also quietly abandoned the Belt 3D printer, which was only called CR-30 at the time.

Creality CR 30 Features

Apparently,3DPrintmill is different from any other printers that Creeality released in the past. 3DPrint Mill is an unlimited Z-print printer. It is unique not only on the transfer bed, but also on the tilting frame where the print head moves around. This is a very specific design that introduces several desirable features for a 3D printer: continuous printing and the ability to print unsupported drags.

Creality CR 30 background

Tape printers are not new. A few years ago, Colorfabb-backed startup Blackbelt commercialized its eponymous (and expensive) model, Printrbot was close before folding, and independent clothing company White Knight made progress in the market with its affordable DIY version . The latter two examples are notable as open source designs, and they open the door for others to iterate, develop, and build.

Therefore, under the leadership of Shenzhen engineer Mr. Wu, Keruili’s efforts are just like that. On the basis of some past belt printers-with the blessing of relevant personnel-Wu even hired Karl Brown from NAK 3D Design Company, a manufacturer of White Knight belt 3D printers, as a consultant for the 3DPrinkmill project to continue the development. , And did not step into the commercialization of the White Knight itself.

Therefore, Wu plans to maintain the growth of belt printers through open source 3dPrintmill.

So it is not a big leap to say that this new ribbon printer has a pedigree. Among the products of Creality, this is undoubtedly unique, and it is the product of the company's "Skunk Factory". It is unusual for a company like Creality, which focuses on cost reduction and mass production of reliable products, to develop a new, arguably niche machine from the beginning.

But 2020 is 2020, a year in which the status quo changes. There is no reason that Creality cannot explore and democratize new things. The company can be said to be the budget-first 3D printing, so if not for them, then who?

CR 30 Printer design

CR 30 Design 3D Printer View

As mentioned above, 3DPrintMill is unusual in design, it has some notable features that can achieve continuous printing. Here's the introduction and what we can infer from various videos and interviews on the Internet about 3DPrintMill, except for the product page, which recently appeared on the printer's Creality website.

The core of 3DPrintMill is CoreXY. The main difference between this printer and the traditional interpretation is that the XY frame and the motion system are tilted: instead of a flat fixed area bed that is perpendicular to the print head on the Z axis, it rolls Z-draw printing on the Z axis. Since it is essentially a cycle, the machine can theoretically print endlessly on this rolling Z axis, as long as the printed content can be discharged from the conveyor belt.

The configuration of the printer seems to be a typical crepe product, the frame is made of aluminum extrusions and powder-coated metal, and the shaft is rolled on a V-grooved wheel on the track of the extruded part. The power supply, motherboard, and user interface are integrated into the printer base, and there is a full-size SD card slot on the front of the machine.

Cr 30 Printer Continuous belt

Of course, the key component of any tape printer is the tape it prints. The material of the belt was formerly known as "wear-resistant carbon fiber", and has since been changed to "wear-resistant nylon". The machine preview displayed by YouTuber Joel Numerry (3DPrintingNerd) will close the tape on the detailed information, including the stitching design and roughness. This print seems to stick very well.

In addition, it seems that the design of the belt is easy to be replaced by the user, and if Credity provides a replacement belt (or provides enough details to allow users to buy their own belt elsewhere), its service life can be extended.

Compared with other belt printer designs, the 3DPrintmill belt may appear very short. However, for mass production in a workshop environment, this may be a space-saving thread.

For those who wish to take advantage of the unlimited Z-axis printing function (printing along the belt), there will be an optional roller attachment as a printing support to prevent long prints from sagging.

CR 30 Movement

The kinematics of the print head is provided by the coroxy motion system, which should be transformed into fast and precise motion.

CR 30 Printer Performance

CR 30 Printer Performance 3D Creality CR 30 Printer Performance 3D Creality

"Super Quiet" Motherboard

Creality pointed out that 3DPrintmill uses a "silent motherboard" with a "silent chipset". This leads us to believe that 3DPrintmill will use one of Creality's newer 4.2.x 32-bit boards. It may be a stepper motor driver with TMC2208, if ultra-quiet is really silent.

Creality CR 30 Printer view

Creality CR 30 Printer view Creality CR 30 Printer view

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