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Home Collections [Schwarzer Freitag] Ender 3 PRO: (20% RABATT auf 3D-Drucker+Upgrades Teil)

[Schwarzer Freitag] Ender 3 PRO: (20% RABATT auf 3D-Drucker+Upgrades Teil)



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[Schwarzer Freitag] Ender 3 PRO: (20% RABATT auf 3D-Drucker+Upgrades Teil)
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Über Ender-3 PROX (Ender-3Pro + 1* gehärtetes Glas + 5 Düsen)

  • Verbesserte Version: Es wird mit einer zusätzlichen Glasplatte, einer Cmagnet-Oberfläche und einem MeanWell-Netzteil geliefert.
  • Der Ender 3 Pro bietet die gleiche herausragende Leistung wie der Ender 3. Verbesserte Komponenten machen diesen 3D-Drucker stabiler, langlebiger und einfacher zu bedienen.
  • MeanWell-Stromversorgung: Ausgestattet mit einem UL-zertifizierten MeanWell-Netzteil erfüllt es alle Anforderungen einer schnellen Erwärmung und eines langjährigen 3D-Drucks.
  • Cmagnet Build-Oberflächenplatte: Bieten Sie einen Rundumschutz für Ihre 3D-Druckerbauplatte und sorgen Sie für eine konstante Temperatur auf der gesamten Bauoberfläche. Einfaches Entfernen der Druckmodelle nach dem Abkühlen.
  • Druckfunktion fortsetzen: Abgeschirmt durch die Stromversorgung vor Spannungsspitzen und Stromausfällen. Wenn Strom verloren geht, können Drucke von der letzten Schicht wieder aufgenommen werden, was Zeit spart und Abfall reduziert.
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I guarantee you, this printer is a genius. I love modding printers, so this is the perfect thing. Everything is perfect. Overall, LONG LIVE ENDER 3 PRO
I've wanted a 3D printer for many years and this one had such a great reputation to price ratio. I like that I could buy direct from the company rather than give bezos any money too. The packaging is amazing - I hate to throw it away. It was fun to assemble - great instructions and everything is labelled really well (and it was already more than halfway assembled). I did goof and not seat the connector for the extruder *all* the way so it was turning, but "bouncing back". So watch out for that. Once I figured that out it was easy to get it setup and immediately printing. So far this thing is great - highly recommended.
This is no where near my first ender3.. let alone my first creality printer.. this is actually a good update to the ender 3 and all the listed features are a nice improvment.. and the build plate seems a lot better than the 3 pro's bed..
Gerard N
I've ordered this machine in order to have a second one but it is on the way to be my number one: Fast delivery, fast assembly, easy to tune, very obedient to all your slightest tuning, I feel secured with it. It just works !
Big Fluffydog
I don't write many reviews but I love this machine. Heads up, the instructions are.... hmmm. Ikea meets Beijing. Just pay attention; the rails are not identical, i had to dissamble midway to fit power supply properly, then again with PLA roll. You'll see. It's no big deal. For the captured nuts, insert the assembly at the top and keep pressure (slightly pull the assembly toward you) you slide them down. Electrical fittings were hard to locate, but they're all there and they all have a mate! Once up and running, it's pretty flawless. Opens up a whole range of ideas and projects. Looking forward to some ABS projects.
Only had it about a month, and I need more. Thank you for my new addiction. Long live the Ender series. <3 Highly recommend taking the time to watch some videos before setting it up if you're a complete noob. Leveling your bed before setting up the entire beast and tightening any pre-assembled items. I took the time to apply loctite to everything as I was setting it up to help with longevity and later maintenance. Right out of the box I started printing decent prints, a little tweaking and I got pretty good prints. Dived deeper and getting great prints. Can't wait to see what else comes. I wish it had multi-color, but there's mods such as a Y-splitter or even complete dual extruder builds you could do (pretty in-depth).
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