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large ender 3 3d printer, upgrade ender 3 max 3d printer
Ender-3 Max 3D Printer
Ender-3 Max 3D Printer
Ender-3 Max 3D Printer

Ender-3 max 3D-Drucker



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Ender-3 Max

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Ender-3 max 3D-Drucker
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Creality Ender-3 max 3D-Drucker

Leistungsstarker Hotend-Kit-extrem präziser Druck: Modulares Hotend mit einer hitzebeständigen Kupferdüse ermöglicht den schnellen Filamentschmelz- und Glattfilament-Extrusion.

Großer Druckgröße-Max-Arbeitsbereich, Max-Produktion: 300x300x340mm, ein verbreiterter Arbeitsbereich für Ihre Kreativität.

Glattes und stabiles lineares Riemenscheibensystem: Glatte Bewegung und stabiles Drucken werden durch ein zuverlässiges Bewegungssystem sichergestellt, das aus einer speziellen Z-Achs-Präzisions-T-Schraubstange, V-Profile und einem linearen Riemenscheibensystem besteht.

Dual-Kühlventilatoren in der Wärmeableitung wirksam: Der axiale Kühllüfter hilft kontinuierlich bei der Wärmeableitung. Die Double-Flower-Fans fördern eine schnelle Kühlung auf dem extrudierten Filament. Liefern immer feine Ergebnisse.

All-Metal-Extruder-glatter Filament-Einspeisung: Der ALL-Metall-Bowden-Extruder ist in der Futterzufuhr des Filaments kraftvoll.

Carborundum Glass Plattform-Glätte beginnt von der ersten Ebene: Mit seiner Überlegenheit in der Wärmebeständigkeit und der Oberflächenebene hilft die Carborundum-Glasplattform drucken, besser zu halten, und Benutzer entfernen Drucke leichter. Keine Umwicklung und keine Kratzer.

TMC2208 Hochleistungssistand-Fahrer: Der deutsche Import TMC2208-Chip-Treiber wird angenommen, um in der X-Achse- und Y-Achse zu verwenden. Es ist effektiv, den Motorlärm zu reduzieren, und Shake, der für Sie ein komfortables und stiller Arbeitsumfeld bringt.

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4.2.2 (32bit) - STM MCU
Mainboard Firmware/BL Touch Firmware Download
4.2.2 Mainboard- GD MCU
Mainboard Firmware
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great product! its quality and bed size relative to its price is absolutely fantastic!
An amazing printer, the fact that you get so many features and quality prints for that price is amazing and the new bigger print bed made it definitely my new favorite printer. Looking forward to buying a CR touch for it
Dale Johnson
The Ender 3 Max is a nice a bridge between the Ender and CR line of printers. I needed a printer with a 300x300 build volume and like the Ender series so the Max came along at perfect time for me. It's a solid, well built printer with a good feature set for the price. I added a bltouch, capricorn tubing and a compiled version of the latest Marlin bugfix 2.0. The latest version of bugfix has an Ender 3 Max config available so that saved a lot of time. I didn't try loading any of the Creality supplied firmware so I can't say how well they work. Cura 4.8 still doesn't have a Max profile but it's not hard to create a new printer or modify an existing one. Overall, I'm quite happy with the Max. I got the larger print volume I needed and was able to stay in the Ender line of printers.

Luke Larmouth
I'm so happy with it! It prints so quietly, the prints are smooth and it's very easy to use. I would highly recommend

Laura Farrell
This is basically the baseplate and Y axis of the CR10 with a full sized buildplate and carbo base with the frame of the Ender 3. But it works and the price is good. I got excellent results out of box. Only hitch is that there isn't a profile in Cura or Slic3r yet and the Marlin config doesn't yet have examples. But it is basically 4.2.2 board on Ender with big frame. On;y x and y stepper motors are TMC driven - 2208 I believe, the Extruder and Z axis are A4988, so there is a reduction in noise but not zero noise. The only thing I have slight difficulty with is the filament sensor - if you don't entirely straighten the first piece of filament it is difficult to thread through. Otherwise a good solid printer I believe with give many hours of pleasure
Amazing! It's super easy to set up which is great for beginners like me (15-30 minutes). The quality is better than expected and it has a huge print size. Super easy to use. I'm going to take a slow with smaller prints and work my way to bigger ones.

Raymond Bonenfant
Q I had bought this in March of 2021. I just finally set up Octoprint and I'm getting a firmware error regarding the temperature readout. Where would I get the latest firmware?
A Hi you could download it in:
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