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Ender 5 PLUS

Ender5 plus Open Source Verfügbar jetzt!

Firmware & Dateien


1. Creality Ender-5 plus das Unboxen bauen und aufgestellt! !

2. Creality Ender-5 plus Bltouch das Planieren von Tutorial(2019)

3. Aufrüstung meines Ender 5 Plus, das Stille Verwenden des Neuen V2.2 Stillen Ausschusses und Hinzufügen aller PRO-Teile zu sein!

28 Kommentare

  • Alan Kramer

    was looking at buying one of these printers, but after seeing ZERO responses to users problems I think I may have to look at other printers. Too bad there seems to be no support here on the official creality web site :(

  • Thomas Grey

    I purchased an Ender 5 Plus about a month ago. The BLTouch has stopped working. How do I get a replacement?

  • Онлайн_Займы

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  • Jeremy DeCory

    I spent several hours meticulously straightening out the pins in said connector to get it to clip together as best I could and it worked for that first 5 items. but again now it wont do anything.

  • Jeremy DeCory

    i need to know the name and or part number of the little white pin connectors on my ender 5 plus. I bought mine used and found that when I went to assemble it that one of the connecters had wonky bent pins in it so since I had no parts list or breakdown to refer to I was unsure what to look for or where to find them. I also noticed that on my touchscreen control box there isn’t an actual ender 5 plus setting in the selection menu so my only choice is the ender 5 setting and I believe that with the bigger build bed it must either not utilize the whole build bed at this setting or its not recognizing it properly and thats possibly why when I turn it on and it homes itself and tries to self balance it hits the front of the frame and vibrates for a couple seconds before returning home. I was able to get it to print about 5 things out before it just quit and the touch sensor is flashing red and it wont do anything?

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