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Home Collections 12/24V Blue Violet Laser Engraving Module Kits de cabezal láser de alta potencia

12/24V Blue Violet Laser Engraving Module Kits de cabezal láser de alta potencia



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For Ender 3 /3 Pro/3 V2

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12/24V Blue Violet Laser Engraving Module Kits de cabezal láser de alta potencia
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Cabezal de grabado láser violeta azul con placas de madera de 2 piezas

Este es un módulo láser que permite al usuario grabar madera, acrílico, papel y muchas más sustancias. También puede cortar madera y acrílico, dependiendo de la potencia.

Una ventaja de los módulos láser es que no es necesaria ninguna actualización de firmware para ejecutar la mayoría de ellos. Por lo general, pueden simplemente sujetarse magnéticamente al cabezal de la herramienta (conectado con imanes). Se ejecutan desde el puerto del ventilador de la máquina y generalmente son rápidos de ensamblar.
Este módulo láser tiene tres imanes de disco fuertes. Por lo tanto, es adecuado para impresoras 3D que tienen cubierta de boquilla de hierro, que incluye, entre otros, Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2, Ender 3 Max, Ender 5, etc.
El kit láser de Creality es solo para grabado debido a su láser de 500 mW.
Longitud de onda: 445 nm (azul)
Potencia: 500 mv
Voltaje: 12 V (DC)
Corriente de trabajo: 2.100 mA

Cómo instalar el kit láser en Ender3 V2:Guide

- Un láser es capaz de dañar la vista, la piel y otras personas.
- Por favor, lea y siga esta guía cuidadosamente antes de usar el kit láser.
- La protección ocular es necesaria cuando se trabaja con el kit láser.
- Los imanes en el cabezal láser son muy fuertes pero quebradizos.
- El grabado / corte láser puede causar humo, dependiendo de la pieza de trabajo, es necesario colocar su máquina en un ambiente bien ventilado.

Configuración e instalación del cabezal láser

Laser Head kits  creality 3d printerLaser_headLaser_headLaser Head kits  creality 3d printerLaser_headLaser Head kits  creality 3d printer

Laser Software
Laser Software
Adpater for ender-3v2
Include: Laser Plate(adapter) for ender-3v2; installation guide
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Nicholas Brown
Only on my second day with the product so I can't speak to its long term durability yet but I'm having lots of fun so far. Great way to try your hand at laser engraving without investing in a more powerful designated laser machine. Took some time playing with the settings and focus to get consistent lines but once I got it down this little laser works amazing. This thing is bright, SERIOUSLY WEAR THE SAFETY GOGGLES ANY TIME THIS THING IS CONNECTED AND YOU ARE TURNING YOUR MACHINE ON. Eye damage is no joke. I'll be building an enclosure for mine with a protective viewing window and I'd encourage anyone else using this in an open environment to do the same. Overall I got what I expected and for the price I have zero complaints.
Rianne Valencia
Laser module works fine. The software however is definitely not. It takes some self education beyond the setup and installation here. Overall, it's worth the money if you're not expecting "plug and play".
Mine came without the glasses originally but creality promptly got them sent out with some extra bits of wood so can't fault the customer service there. Very happy with the laser, I've got it on my cr-10 v2. Fortunately, if you remove the print head there are 2 extra holes in the mounting plate that match perfectly with the holes on the laser! The laser has 6 screw holes on the back for mounting. I replaced the screws holding on the top 2 magnets with longer ones, used the magnets as spacers to hold the laser out from the plate to avoid the bearing screws, fitted perfectly. I get the feeling this was more of a happy accident than by design but you can't complain with the result. Very straight forward to use, software is nice and easy to follow, managed to print a few nice photos onto the pieces of wood provided to give as gifts. Very happy with this purchase!
Do not buy this. It is advertised as suitable for Ender 3/5 but it is not. This laser module blew up both fan ports on my ender 5 motherboard (BTT SKR mini e3 v2).
A very nice laser, adjusted correctly it will give great results. I hear it at the end of the 5 plus, unfortunately the original cable for this is very tight. But this is probably due to the fact that it was not noticed. The magnets are unfortunately very weak. Part of it was that I had to dismantle the print head and heard a metal plate. The laser nun belongs very well here. Unfortunately there is no program to work properly that can hardly be used by the manufacturer. I would say that a bracket is included.

Garage Make Zone
How to install it @ Ender 3? Easy very easy !!! How it works? Very well !!! Best, take a look by your self.
Q Can this be used to cut vinyl?
A Sorry, it can't engrave metal, just can engrave wood, acrylic, paper
Tyler Paul Wassell
Q Can I use it on a CR-10 printer
A YES. It could use on Ender-3, Ender-3V2, Ender-3Max, Ender-5, CR-10 etc 3d printer,
Q Can I have both the CR touch and the Laser module attached on the printer at the same time?
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