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Para CR-10 v2, Frimware Download -


Descarga de Firmware

Código fuente

Archivos de tarjeta SD & Manual



Normalmente, instalará automáticamente el controlador después de conectar computadora y máquina a través de la línea USB.

Si no instala el controlador, puede hacerlo solo. <Slicer no tiene com 3 en la configuración de la máquina. > ¿Cómo instalarlo?

El conductor está en la tarjeta SD.

- Haga clic derecho en "Esta PC" desde el escritorio
- Elija “Propiedades (Gerente)” > “Gerente de dispositivos”.
- Encuentra el puerto en serie que muestra amarillo.
- Haga clic con el botón derecho en "Software de controlador actualizado" > "Examine mi computadora para el software de controlador".

Galería de video

1. Creality CR-10 V2 Unbox Build and Print!

2. CR-10 V2 Bltouch Auto Sensor de nivelación de camas Tutorial

24 comentarios

  • Filamentyuppi

    In the source code of both available versions the filament sensor is not defined (//#define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SENSOR), is it been overlooked?
    Or where is the Filament runout sensor handled? Wanted to add to the firmware the behaviour to send a M600 Command, so that Tools like Octoprint have the chance to catch the “filament empty, pause the print”. Because the firmware is right now, not sending any commands.
    Have to test if the firmware stops printing on its own or if it was overlooked by creating the firmware.

  • Julio

    I’m also having issues with the firmware for BL-Touch. The same happened to me: auto home parks hotend X 103mm instead of X150mm. Is there a solution for that? I’m already using COM4 at 115200 and the communication with the slicer works.

  • Ryan

    The BLtouch and Titan direct drive file is just direct drive no bltouch
    and could you please post the source to that also

  • Corey Poirier

    I just installed the BL Touch, flashed firmware, it homes and tests great, however when i try to do a print, the nozzle sits still, machine says its printing, shows a 4 hour print finishing in 13 seconds, then autohomes without doing anything. no idea why

  • Terry

    Check in device manager for COM4 in ports, set to 115200 not auto.
    In slicer, from printer settings, change from auto to COM4, change speed to 115200.
    This works.

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