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8 meters Aluminum Extrusion Trim for Ender 3 CR-10 or Any Extrusion Frame Printer

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Product Description

Product features

  • New colors never before offered by Creality 3D. Mix and match for bold design, or add to what your printer already came with.
  • Keep the printer cleaner by shielding the grooves in aluminum extrusion from any stray material or dirt.
  • Personalize your printer with a splash of color, and add to more spots that weren't covered by the factory.
  • Can be used on any kind of standard aluminum extrusion such as popular sizes found in many printers like 2020 or 2040 or 4040
  • The standard size of 8 meters is enough for the ender 3 model 3d printer. If you have a CR-10 or CR-10s order two units to receive 18 meters of trim, enough for all possible configurations on larger printers.

Product description

Printers and the measured length of trim: 
Ender 3 - 8 meters
CR-10 - 18 meters
CR-10S - 18 meters

This is a set of trim that fits into place in the groove in the aluminum extrusion that has become popular with the rise of DIY and kit 3D printers. This will snugly fit into the groove, adding a wonderful splash of color to any printer, and also act as a shield to prevent any dirt, stray filament or extruded plastic from falling into the grooves in extrusion, keeping your printer much cleaner, and easier to maintain.

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Long lead times

The products I receive from the Creality3D store always meet my expectations, however, shipping takes weeks. Might not be an issue for some but it something to keep in mind when ordering here. Yes you will receive exactly what you order in working condition but there will be a significant time delay. So lead time aside, great reliable products thus far. Thank you.