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Home Collections Ender-5 Plus PEI Magnetic Build Plate 377x370mm
ender 5 plus pei build plate

Ender-5 Plus PEI Magnetic Build Plate 377x370mm



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Ender-5 Plus PEI Magnetic Build Plate 377x370mm
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BED SIZE: 377x370mm/14.84x14.56inch. Compatible with Ender 5 Plus 3D Printer
Package:   Smooth PEI Steel Plate &  Strong Magnetic Base with adhesive

Why Recommend the PEI Build Plate

Durable: The steel plate is made of high quality stainless steel, which has good flatness and durability. 

Flexible and removable: Can be slightly bent to pop off the prints. It is convenient especially for prints with large area. 

Better Bed Adhesion:  Customized material PEI makes your print easy to adhere and has a wide compatibility of filaments, the magnetic Base with adhesive, so you can heat your bed to high temps for specialty filaments and not worry about the loss of performance. 

Easy to use:  
Peel off the back paper on magentic base and stick it to the heated bed, then align the steel plate on the base. The side with PEI is upside to print on. After installing, please keep your heat bed level. 

Kindly Reminder:
The pei is a little thin, please mind the distance between nozzle and surface to avoid scratching it.  
When completed printing, please let the steel plate cool down, then you can easy to remove your prints.

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Jim and Yen
The stock bed was ok but not really convenient and I cut the surface trying to remove a stuck on print. So I ordered this one and it installed easily. My print stuck to the bed perfectly! When the print had completed. I pulled the magnetic metal pei sheet off and my print popped right off. Wow. Nice experience. I’m loving this pei magnetic bed. but PEI is an easily damaged surface to print on. Be SURE not to run your heated nozzle into it, or you will ruin it. Anyways, this is a fantastic build plate and you should buy it!

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