Blade Resistance to Corrsion Blade Kits

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Product Description

Creality 3D Printer Blade Resistance to Corrsion Blade Kits

For many first time 3D printers, seeing the first print is a moment of disappointment... when you discover that what 3D printers actually print is a complex shape consisting of the end model surrounded by all the support material required to print the model. Successfully removing the support material from the printed model doesn't need to be difficult... but you will need the right tools.

Creality3D has designed 3 hand tools specifically for 3D print clean-up that are indispensable. The combination package consists of three different sharp shovels, large shovels and removal tool shovel, which are enough to make printing cleaner, easier and more comfortable, time after time.

A great gift choice for the beginner, learner or 3D printer who has everything, this comprehensive clean up tool kit is compact, versatile and made to last.





Sharp Scraper 140 0.1 43
Stainless Steel Spatula 200 0.5 90
Removal Tool Shovel 160 0.3 43