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Polypropylene Build Plate for Ender-3/Ender-5

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Product Description
* A heated bed is required when using
* Cleaning is optional, and smooth, using a damp cloth.
* The surface will still maintain adhesion even when dirty.
* Can be attached directly onto the silicone heating pad.
* Can be connected directly to your glass bed using clips or tape.
* Works hugely well with ABS, PLA, wood and many other types of filament.
* Large prints are easily removed with the aid of a small scraper.
* When your prints are complete, and the build plate has cooled, parts can be removed by hand.
* Strong adhesion properties firmly hold your pieces to the bed while printing.
* None of the drawbacks of glass, and is much lighter and stronger. * Consistent, reliable prints.
* Made from durable, rigid material with long service life. It will not accidentally break.
* No more wasting hours of your time using tape and low-quality build surfaces.

* Carefully level the print bed before printing.
* Choose the appropriate bed temperature for the filament you are using

Filament Material Bed Temperature(°C) Recommended(°C)
PLA 50-70 60
Flexible filament 50-70 60
ABS 100-125 110
PC 100-130 120
Nylon 90-120 110
PP 100-130 120
PETG 50-70 60

Packaging List 
1x Creality 3D Printer build plate.

Official Creality Polypropylene Build Plate For Ender-3 Ender-5 CR20

Official Creality Polypropylene Build Plate For Ender-3 Ender-5 CR20Official Creality Polypropylene Build Plate For Ender-3 Ender-5 CR20

Customer Reviews

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Works great - little tricky to use -- Requires temperature dialin

Once tuned in, this gives a great printing result, better than the magnetic bed supplied with my Ender 3 pro. I had to set the first layer print parameters to 200degC extruder and 70degC bed for PLA to stick and NOT come off untill cooled down. Next layer temps 180 and 60degC, work great. I also clean the bed before a print with IPA to get my finger grease gone.

Best of all build plates

Polypropylene Build Plate eliminates most of the common hurdles. I have used the fiberglass which came bundled with my 2018 Ender 3. I satisfactorily used that for a long time to print PLA and ABS. Adhesion decreased as it aged. I ordered the Magnetic plate (from creality) as I was curious about the projected merits and the fanciness attached to it. Well, I did used it for a month and even printed ABS without that much of an issue. Perhaps I would love it had I got it when I started 3D printing. Well I ordered (from creality) the tempered glass build plate, it fared well and i could not complain much. But the weight concerned me. I even managed to chip off a bit of the glass with coating while removing a cubic shaped PLA print. Since then I used the back side of the plate for 3 months. But the glass weight resulting in the small extra workout of Y axis was weighing on my mind and I finally ordered the Creality Polypropylene Build Plate. It changed my whole experience. I feel this is the actual way to go. Adhesion of pla and abs to this plate is best amongst the others.The way the print comes off, so effortlessly once the plate cools off is so satisfactory.

Really nice surface - flat, light, good adhesion

This is just as flat as my Ender 3 glass build plate, but 40% lighter, which should give better print quality during Y-axis moves.

The really impressive part is the adhesion. I've only tried it with PLA and ABS, but the performance is the same as (or maybe a little better than) my glass Ender build plate coated with Magigoo. Everything sticks perfectly, and stays stuck until the build plate cools off then they release on their own.

Perfect fit to the aluminum heated bed as well.

Un peu déçu

Problème d'adhésion avec du PLA, la pièce de détache à la moitié de l'impression.

Build Plate Ender 3 Pro

Excellent product, just as described.