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Home Collections Carte silencieuse mise à niveau avec pilote TMC2208 pour Creality Ender 5 PLUS
Ender 5plus Silent Board
Ender 5plus Silent Board
Ender 5plus Silent Board

Carte silencieuse mise à niveau avec pilote TMC2208 pour Creality Ender 5 PLUS



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Carte silencieuse mise à niveau avec pilote TMC2208 pour Creality Ender 5 PLUS
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Carte silencieuse avec pilote TMC2208 pour Ender 5 PLUS

Cette option est la mise à niveau séparée pour Ender 5 PLUS, il suffit de la brancher et vous pouvez commencer à imprimer.
Remarque: Cette nouvelle carte mère silencieuse mise à niveau n’est actuellement pas préinstallée sur Ender 5 PLUS. Contrairement à la carte V2.2 ordinaire, dans la position de la puce de pilote du moteur pas à pas, la valeur de résistance est différente (peut être directement observée sur la carte mère).

- Pilote de moteur pas à pas basé sur TMC2208
- Tension: Fonctionne sur 12V et 24V


✔Super Quiet and Noise Reduction: Utilisez les pilotes de moteur pas à pas TMC2208, qui sont le composant clé pour éliminer le moteur de l’imprimante lors de l’impression.
✔Bootloader préinstallé : Le firmware peut être modifié par ARDUINO ou Cura avec le câble USB.
✔Conqu’intérêt pour la sécurité: La protection contre l’emballement thermique est activée, si la température augmente hors de contrôle, l’imprimante arrêtera de chauffer et s’arrêtera automatiquement.

✔Facile à utiliser - Support BL Touch, mais vous devez d’abord flasher le firmware. Si vous avez besoin d’un micrologiciel ou si vous avez des problèmes, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter, nous vous proposerons un support technique professionnel.ender 5 plus mainboard

ender 5 plus slient mainboardender 5 plus slient mainboard


Ender-5 PLUS Firmware Upgrade Instructions - English
Silent Board Firmware For CR10S
Multi language Verison
Ender-5 PlusMarlin1.1.6-HW-V2.2-SW-V1.70.3BLTouchMulti
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KEINE WARE SEIT 5 Monaten! Ständige Emails wo man vertröstet wird !! Einfach nur enttäuschend nieeee wieder 50 Euro das Fenster raus geschmissen.
Dale Johnson
Bought this to replace the stock board on a CR-10 S4. The board is an exact physical match to the stock CR-10 S4 board and installed without any issues. I flashed the board with TH3D's unified software for a CR-10 S4 with the silent board option uncommented. The board works great and now the stepper motors are quiet as church mice. Well worth the price.
Today i've changed my OEM board with the silent board and... wow! This is silence! The noisiest part is now the powersupply fan, so that'll be my next target!
If you are new to 3D printing, then like me you might think that the noise from your 3D printer is not that bad, and even a little pleasant. Trust me, that will change. Just like the movie Frozen's "Let it Go" was a pretty song the first few times you heard it, after about two dozen times of hearing it, the pleasantness starts to wear off. After about 50 times of hearing it, you want to smash the DVD into pieces. That was my experience with the sounds coming from my Ender 5 Plus. This silent board put an end to all those sounds. It was extremely easy to install. I started with switching the power wires first, one by one. Then I took the cables and switched them over one by one. The whole process took about 30-45 min. Now the only sound coming from my printer is the fan noise from my power supply. I print often, so this was money well spent and I would highly recommend it to anyone buying a compatible printer.
Al Chan
It's an easy upgrade to the 2.2 Silent. The printer is quiet now with the sound only coming from the power supply fans (which are still too loud). However, you don't get the annoying sounds from the motor drivers. It's an upgrade but in reality for 2020, it should be standard on the 5 Plus because all other printers ship with quiet drivers. If this was 2012, that's a different story and it would have been acceptable. To do the swap over, takes about 45 minutes. The main issue is that Creality hot glues the connectors and it takes time to remove the hot glue. Additional heat sinks would also be nice to keep the new board running cooler.

dominic brunet
Absoloutely incredible
Q I'd like to order 2 pieces to Hungary. Could you help me please?
A Hi, Please choose ship from Czech and add to cart, then you will receive it within 4-7 Business days
Andrew A Hayes
Q Is this board (Silent board for the Ender 5 Plus) 32 bit processing
A it is 8-bit
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