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[Agotado] Brillante sedoso 1.75mm PLA filamento 6 colores disponibles

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Product Description

Seda azul y rojo impresora 3D PLA filamento 1.75mm brillante sedoso material de impresión

Especificaciones del producto

Silk-Like Feel - Sedosa superficie brillante con brillo de seda, dando un toque suave, perlado y único
Impresión suave- Ordenado envuelto, derretir bien, alimentar suavemente y constantemente sin obstruir la boquilla o extrusor
Alto rendimiento - buena forma y respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Sin burbuja, sin olor, sin atascos

Paquete (Opciones):

1KG/Spool: azul/azul claro/rojo/amarillo/blanco/negro

Filamento PLA de seda brillante

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Looks incredible!

Bought some for creating Xmas decorations and it looks incredible!

Prints with no bed adhesion issues at all.

Fast shipping and well packed.

Thank you. Everything in good order

Very impressed

This is the first silk PLA I've tried and was pleasantly surprised. First of all the filament was wound very well onto the spool, very consistent.. I was kind of expecting the silk to give me issues but it printed beautifully without any changes. I printed this skull that took 22 hours to print with no issues. This is also the first Creality PLA I've used and I really like the spool as well, it has extra holes around the spool to tuck your filament in to keep the spool rolled tight.

Best Creality Filament By Far!

I've used some creality filaments in the past and this silk filament is by far the best I've used. Even compared to hatchbox filaments its quality is superb. I definitely recommend this filament.

Excellent cube style printer

The Ender 5 Plus was easy to assemble, instructions are the best I have seen. Printer was easy to set up, Auto Bed Leveling makes it simple to do. Print quality using the Creality slicer showed a very fine finish. Overall very impressed with the printer. Highly recommend it either as a first printer for those new to 3D printing. Support from Creality is fast and responsive, pays to buy direct from the manufacturer.