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Home Collections Creality PEI Magnetic Build Plate For Ender-3 Series/CR-10 Series
creality build plate, flexible pei build plate

Creality PEI Magnetic Build Plate For Ender-3 Series/CR-10 Series



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Creality PEI Magnetic Build Plate For Ender-3 Series/CR-10 Series
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PEI Magnetic Flexible Heated Bed- Upgraded 3D Printer hotbed surface.

  • Applicable: Ender 3 Ender 3 pro, Ender 5, Ender 5 Pro, Ender 3 V2
  • Flexible, removable, can stick to magnetics very well. High strength and heat resistance.
  • Compatible with PLA、PETG、PEEK、ABS and other most filaments.
  • No more tape, no more glue, no more shovel, and release your printing anxiety
  • Easy to adhere to the printing surface, easy to remove the prints, flex slightly to pop your print right off.
  • When used in a 3D printing application, PEI is excellent because it can withstand the numerous heat cycles that a 3D print bed goes through from print to print.

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Timothy J George
I was ready to give up on printing PETG before I bought this surface. This product has the magnetic base as well as the PEI surface that sticks to it. I took the magnetic base and tossed it in a closet as I already had one. I pulled the OEM magnetic surface off and stuck the PEI surface in its place no problem. PETG prints beautify with the standard CURA settings only with higher print temp. (read your filament specs). I tried many things before this OEM surface, painters tape, higher temperature, slower speeds, higher extrusion, etc. Nothing worked. This PEI surface just works and no problems releasing once it is cool-ish. My only complaint is there are some bubbles forming between the PEI and the magnetic plate is is glued to. They haven caused a problem yet, but I am keeping an eye on them.

The best build plate I ever had. The PEI build plate was a great improvement for my Ender 5 printer. I bought it after I had many issues with the standard Ender 5 build plate. With this PEI one I never had any problems again. I use a microfibre towl and isopropyl for cleaning.
Ryan Unruh
Great adhesion. Very light so on an Ender 5, unlike the glass badd, it doesn't drop. Also with reduced weight no vibrations/ringing on prints at higher speeds. Only need to be aware unlike glass, this won't remain flat if the bed has imperfections. Very happy with this purchase.
Brent Carpenter
Definitely an upgrade worth doing, I've gone through a lot of build plate types and this one is great. I've had zero issues
This is hands down the best bed not he market. I have tried the original Ender-3 and it was good but hard to get parts off of once it's set. Then Glass with magigoo, which was better, but messy had to clean it each time. Then I tried the silicon glass from reality which I really liked. When this one came out I had to try it, to make sure I had the best, I was blown away, the adhesion of hot PLA and PETG is amazing and the release is so simple, when cold it self releases, when hot you can just flex the plate a little. This is by far the best upgrade for any 235mm x 235mm bed out there!
Adhesion is great. Much better than the default plate or even glass. Also, unlike glass, has less mass/weight and doesn't translate vibrations into the print so you can print faster and with better print quality. Very happy with this, especially with my Ender 5 where the z axis no longer drops after each print from the weight of the glass. Also using on an Ender 3 Pro. Highly recommend.
Mitch Baker
Q So you stick the magnetic sheet to the aluminum and not the glass?
A There are 2 parts:Magnet platform sticker and a PEI Spring Steel Sheet. Please clean the dust with a soft cloth and then stick the magnetic sheet to the aluminum gently. You could refer to our guides video. If the machine has its own glass bed, please take away and repeat the above steps.
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