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Crearrity CR - 10 V2 - 3D

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Product Description
Firmware CR-10 V2 + archivos de tarjeta SD Descargar


  • Actualizar V2.5 Placa base silenciosa: La placa base ultra tranquilo TMC2208, disfrute de un ambiente de impresión tranquilo. Ahora puede prestar más atención al diseño y las obras, no puede molestar más ruido.
  • Ventilador de enfriamiento doble de alta calidad: CEALIDAD DE RENDIMIENTO DE ENFRIAMIENTO SUPERIOR 3D Los ventiladores de diseño nuevo combinan el flujo de aire eficiente y de bajo ruido, las cuchillas moldeadas a medida están diseñadas para la entrega aérea de alto volumen con menos ruido y turbulencia que los fanáticos de la última generación.
  • Monitor de filamento: El CR-10 V2 viene con un monitor conveniente que detectará cuando la impresora se ha quedado sin filamento, detenga automáticamente la impresión y alertará al usuario para reponer el filamento antes de continuar. Dígale adiós al filamento y el tiempo perdidos.
  • Unidad de extrusión totalmente metálica actualizada: La extrusora de metal gris actualizada puede respaldar las horas más largas de tiempo de trabajo, larga vida útil y alta calidad.
  • Reanudar la impresión: La nueva placa de control actualizada permite que la capacidad reanuda la impresión después de cambiar el filamento, el corte de energía o cualquier otro paro inesperado.
  • Fuente de alimentación de marca: Actualizado 350W Mejory Power Power admite las 200 horas de impresión continuas. Más estable y seguro.
  • Operación de ensamblaje fácil: CR-10 V2 se destaca como una excelente opción para el aficionado al principio. Puede tener la alegría de una impresora en un ensamblaje de un paso y una conexión de tres pasos.
  • DIA DIVERTIDO: Inspire su imaginación e innovación, le permite imprimir modelos de alta precisión, crear su propio mundo.

CR-10 V2 Unboxing y construir

Parámetro CR-10 V2

Máquina de moldeo FDM
Tamaño de impresión 300 * 300 * 400mm
NOROESTE. 11.5kg
Velocidad de impresión ≤180mm / s, normal 30-60mm / s
Precisión ± 0.1mm
Grosor de la capa 0.1-0.4mm
Diámetro de la boquilla Estándar 0.4mm
Número de boquilla 1
Temperatura acuática ≤100℃
Modo de trabajo Impresión en línea o SD Slot sin conexión
Formato de archivo Stl \ obj \ amf
Software de rebanado Cura \ Repetier-Host \ Simplify 3D
Sistema operativo MAC \ Linux \ WindowsXP \ Vista \ 7 \ 8 \ 10
Fuente de alimentación Entrada de CA 115V / 230V Salida: 24V
Potencia nominal 350W
Nivelación automática Opcional
Filamentos PLA / ABS / PETG / TPU
Diámetro del filamento 1.75mm

Sobre CR-10 V2

CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos01
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos02
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos02
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos03
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos04
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos07
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos011
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos012
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos013
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos014
CREALITY3D CR-10 V2 HD Photos015

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Awesome first printer

This was my introduction to 3d printing. I just followed instructions and watched several YouTube videos, and I was getting some really high quality prints in no time. I have since added a BLTouch and a Titan direct drive, both of which work well. I highly recommend this as an excellent starter model for someone looking to print larger objects. My only negative is the plastic cover on the hot end. Please change that to metal! Anyway, great printer for the price. My fleet of Star Wars ships agree. :)

Astonishing !

I have had a few 3D printers from different manufactures and all have given me hours of entertainment as I have had to search the Internet forums for help in getting them built, set up correctly and advice on what went wrong with my many failed prints. So last November I bought a Creality CR-10 V2 in the Sale (a really great deal) and it's been in the box until now.

Like millions in the UK I find myself confined to my house and I have watched everything on Netflix so I decided to un-box and set up the CR-10 V2 assured of many hours of fiddling around and searching for the answers to problems on the Internet and hours spent trying to contact customer support for missing parts and trying to decipher badly translated manuals ... hours of fun. i was confident that this was going to use up weeks of time and I wouldn't get bored at all.

So I have to report that I am disappointed ... It took me 30 mins to build the 3D printer, not even a missing screw, and the concise manual with pictures made perfect sense. I kept looking in the empty box as surely I had missed something vital but no, all was as it should be. I powered it up, no error messages. I threaded the filament which got snagged because I hadn't realised it needed to be straight, took a minute to figure that out. I levelled the Bed, that admittedly took me two goes. Then I inserted the supplied SD card and selected PLA, to which the extruder and bed heated up very quickly. Then I selected the Lucky Cat to print from the SD card with the supplied white PLA ... and the printer started to print .... flawlessly ! The quality of the cute little cat is amazing. Now I have to find something else to do to fill up the many weeks in isolation ahead, well I guess I will just get on and print a load of stuff. Thanks Creality. But wait, I also have the BLTouch bed levelling device to install and a Titan direct extruder, I am sure these will not work and I will have days of fun fixing them ... I will post a review shortly, hopefully it will not be boring.

Good Deal I Think

I just purchased this printer but I haven't received it. I ordered it on Wednesday but the order is still showing as "Unfulfilled". I highly agree with Tinkerbot over there. It's not a good business practice to make claims that a product has this or that and compare it to other products that are exactly the same when the product isn't actually capable of coming with a certain feature that has been used in advertisements. . The fact that the upgrade is not supplied with the standard version of the product is made somewhat clear by the statement in parentheses, however, up until a customer reads that part, it's made to sound like it is a standard feature. If these features are so great and they are trying to sell them with the machine, then why not equip the machine with the parts as advertised and charge the difference. It's a little beyond a marketing tactic. It could nearly be called a marketing scam.

An amazing printer for a great price

My overall experience with this printer has been incredible. This is my first printer, and though I am a beginner, this printer has made it very easy to get into 3D printing, and I have enjoyed my results using it. I have run into problems every once in a while (like clogs, bed leveling issues etc.), however these were all things I could fix myself and were not much of a problem.

I would definitely recommend this printer, as it has been great to use.

Absolutely Great 3D Printer- Easy to Use/Assemble. New Bee Approved! Hands down!

I reviewed and spent lot of time debating & researching about which 3D printer should I go for especially these days since there are many out there. After a lot of efforts, I ended up getting CR-10 V2. I am glad I made this decision. Its truly a great, easy to use, fun 3D printer which is big enough to take on some big prints. Myself being a new bee, I wasn't sure if I should get something big like this or Ender3 or something. But I did purchase this anyway. It works great. Very silent Stepper motors, however control box fan sounds little loud but that can be modified to replace high quality silent cooling/exhaust fan. Overall I have tried only 3 prints so far but I can tell, once the leveling is done perfectly, this printer doesn't seem to need more attention. It just keep rolling, Did my third print so far and looks great. No surprises. I would recommend this printer to any one!
Hands Down for Creality3D for creating such an amazing, convenient 3D printer!
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