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Impresora CR - X pro 3D, doble color 3D

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Product Description

Hardware CR - X - Pro con BL Touch

Aplicable a CR - X y CR - X pro Descargar

Impresora crearity CR - X pro 3D con paneles estáticos de dos colores, BL, meanwell Power y 2 kg de luz PL 300x300x400mm

  • Máquinas de doble desplazamiento e impresión de doble color: módulo de doble desplazamiento y máquinas de desplazamiento binario.Esta magnífica impresora apoya la impresión de dos colores para enriquecer el modelo de impresión
  • Energía eléctrica: CR - X pro con una fuente de energía certificada por ul.Meanwell Power proporciona seguridad de impresión más estable.
  • Con BL Touch.: ,Impresora CR - X pro 3D Está equipado con una verdadera sonda táctil antclabs BL para el ajuste automático de nueve puntos, que puede ser apoyada por principiantes y usuarios de nivel experto.
  • Detectores de metales y pantalla táctilCR - X Professional EditionImpresora 3D Con pantalla táctil de 4 pulgadas de cristal líquido, pantalla de color, es más fácil manejar la impresora.Todos los metales sacan las unidades estables y resistentes a la molienda cuando se alimentan de filamentos largos.
  • Actualizar la pizarra: apoyo a la tracción ultrasónica tmc208 mediante paneles de desarrollo industrial autónomo.
Tipo de máquina CR - X pro (actualización 2019)
Tamaño de impresión 300 * 300 * 400 metros;
270 * 270 * 400mm (doble color)
Tamaño de plataforma 310 * 320 mm
Diámetro de tobera Estándar 0,4 mm, 0,2, 0,3 mm
Temperatura máxima de la tobera ≤250℃
Tensión de trabajo 24 voltios.
Longevidad Para ABS y Pla de 1,75 mm.
Tamaño de máquina 550 * 400 * 650 mm.
N, W. 15 kilos
Tamaño del paquete 640 * 540 * 340mm


Sobre creacity CR - X pro

Crearity CR - X pro 3D

Crearity CR - X pro 3D

Crearity CR - X pro 3D

Crearity CR - X pro 3DDoble desplazamiento, Impresora 3D.Crearity CR - X pro 3DCrearity CR - X pro 3DCrearity CR - X pro 3D

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A little trouble at first but perfect afterwards

I bought the Cr-X pro and initially I had a faulty mainboard which caused the motors to not push filament through the nozzle and instead they just went backwards a bit then forwards a bit and so on. I asked the support about it and after a while they told me it must be an issue with the mainboard and sent me a replacement. From then on I was able to print. Now for the actual review, because I am sure that this is mostly an isolated case and you will likely not experience this:

I am giving this printer 5 out of 5 stars because it prints perfectly. You set the distance for the automatic bed leveling once and then you're set to go. I haven't head filament jams once, my models come out perfecly with barely even visible layer lines even at high print speeds. The multi material printing is amazing and I especially had fun printing pla and pva together for some soluable supports. It had no issue with this and once again the prints were perfect. It's a really sturdy machine and it's basically plug and play.

Here are my retraction settings to eliminate stringing and oozing:
Retraction Distance: 6.5mm
Retraction Speed: 25mm/s

I am using Cura as my slicer so if you use something else you might need different setting. I would definitely recommend this printer and I hope you'll have as much fun with it as I'm having.

Set it and forget it

The auto leveling is such an amazing feature for this absolute behemoth of a printer, and the ability to switch between two colors or a different material is going to make all the difference when i comes to the things I intend to print. Setup took maybe 15 minutes, and after a bit of manual leveling from being wary of claims of auto leveling, the calibration cube I printed came out flawless. You're gonna want some massive desk space, obviously, but I've been waiting for a printer like this for /years/. This printer is so freakin' quiet, I was on a Discord call with friends, and with the printer maybe 2 feet away from my setup, they had no idea it was running.