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V2.1 Mainboard Ersatz für 3D-Drucker der CR-Serie

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Product Description

V2.1 Mainboard Ersatz, Creality Original Motherboard für CR-Serie 3D-Drucker

  • Original Replacement Control Motherboard 2019 Version Creality V2.1 Kompatibel für 3D-Drucker der CR-Serie
  • EASY OPERATE: Mit USB-Schnittstelle, kann mit E / Z / Y / X Achsenmotor arbeiten
  • Die Leiterplatte ist optimiert durch Schaltung, effektiv lösen das Heizproblem
  • Kompatibel mit Cr-10S, CR-X,CR-10S4, CR-10S5, CR-20, CR-20 Pro 3D Printer . Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, um Firmware zu erhalten oder laden Sie es von :

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
V2.2 Mainboard motherboard

Had a bit of trouble with extruder done all testing so replace motherboard works perfectly an arrived in uk with in 2weeks very happy.....well done Creality

3rd Times a charm

The V2.2 mainboard works great. But fair warning. Do not attempt to use a relay and PSU control with the v2.2 mainboard. I’m not certain of the cause but the use of a relay and the on/ off of the relay fries the stepper motors. Since the stepper motors are not replaceable on the 2.2 board. You are stuck with either going with a more modular board or buying a replacement as I did.

New Life for my old CR10-S

This updated main board arrived well within the timescale quoted and has breathed new life into my printer. Unfortunately the latest BL Touch firmware available from your site gave me problems trying to save the correct Z-offset value. Basically, I could make the correct adjustment but it would not store it. However, I downloaded the latest unified TH3D firmware which did store the correct values and now my machine is printing better than ever.