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Upgraded Silent Board mit TMC2208 Driver für Ender 5 PLUS/CR-10S/CR-X

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Product Description

Upgraded Silent Board mit TMC2208 Driver For Creality Ender 5 PLUS/CR-X 3D Printer

Diese Option ist die separate für Ender 5 PLUS aufgerüstet, einfach einstecken und Sie können mit dem Drucken beginnen.
Hinweis: Dieses neue, aufgerüstete stille Mainboard wird derzeit nicht auf Ender 5 PLUS vorinstalliert.

- Super Quiet und Lärmreduktion. Verwenden Sie TMC2208 Stepper Motor Drivers, die die Schlüsselkomponente zum Beseitigen des Druckermotors beim Drucken ist.
-Bootloader vorinstalliert. Die Firmware kann mit dem USB-Kabel durch ARDUINO oder Cura modifiziert werden.
- Bedenken wegen Sicherheit. Der thermische Auslaufschutz ist aktiviert, wenn die Temperatur außer Kontrolle geraten wird, wird der Drucker aufhören zu heizen und automatisch anhalten.

- Stepper Motor Driver based on TMC2208
- Spannung: Arbeiten auf 12V und 24V
- Can Work For CR-10S5.<You need to flash the firmware then you could use it> Firmware Download 

Creality V2.2 PCB:
Anders als bei der Regel V2.2-Platte ist der Widerstandswert in der Position eines Steppermotor-Treiber-Chips unterschiedlich (können direkt auf der Motherboard beobachtet werden).
Herkömmlich: R100 stumm: R150

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Definetly worth it!

Today i've changed my OEM board with the silent board and... wow! This is silence!
The noisiest part is now the powersupply fan, so that'll be my next target!

A must have if you print often.

If you are new to 3D printing, then like me you might think that the noise from your 3D printer is not that bad, and even a little pleasant. Trust me, that will change. Just like the movie Frozen's "Let it Go" was a pretty song the first few times you heard it, after about two dozen times of hearing it, the pleasantness starts to wear off. After about 50 times of hearing it, you want to smash the DVD into pieces. That was my experience with the sounds coming from my Ender 5 Plus.

This silent board put an end to all those sounds. It was extremely easy to install. I started with switching the power wires first, one by one. Then I took the cables and switched them over one by one. The whole process took about 30-45 min. Now the only sound coming from my printer is the fan noise from my power supply.

I print often, so this was money well spent and I would highly recommend it to anyone buying a compatible printer.

The 2.2 Silent Board works great

It's an easy upgrade to the 2.2 Silent. The printer is quiet now with the sound only coming from the power supply fans (which are still too loud). However, you don't get the annoying sounds from the motor drivers. It's an upgrade but in reality for 2020, it should be standard on the 5 Plus because all other printers ship with quiet drivers. If this was 2012, that's a different story and it would have been acceptable.

To do the swap over, takes about 45 minutes. The main issue is that Creality hot glues the connectors and it takes time to remove the hot glue. Additional heat sinks would also be nice to keep the new board running cooler.

Oh yeah

Absoloutely incredible

Definitely Quieter!

Just upgraded to this board on my E5Plus, and it went from a fairly loud machine to silent.

I took the dang thing back apart as I didn't think the motors were working when I powered it up the first time, but they are just that quiet. Its eerie after being used to the whine of the other motors. I can't hear them over the fan now.