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Drucker 5 Plus 3D

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Product Description
Ender 5 Plus Vorteile | Ender 5 Plus | Parameter Ender 5 Plus | Über Ender 5 Plus |  Firmware comfortable comfortable company.

Creality Ender 5 Plus Vorteile

  • Mittel12304B;Cube Frame 3D DruckerAusführung mit sehr massivem Kubikrahmen.Box Design mit Overhead Gantry.« (ohne Kopf); (ohne Kopf); (ohne Kopf); (ohne Kopf); (ohne Kopf); (ohne Kopf); (ohne Kopf)
  • Verschiedenes 12304Ultra Large Printing Format (2D12305mm);350X350X400mm.Weitere Druckanforderungen erfüllen.Die Idee sollte nicht beschränkt werden.Erzielung besserer Druckergebnisse und eines größeren Druckmodells zu einer bestimmten Zeit.«(Nr.
  • Verschiedenes 12304; Auto Bett Leveling Pre-Installed Kombi 12305Mit BL Touch als konfiguriert.Du steckst sie einfach ein und fängst an zu drucken!es kann die Neigung der Bettoberfläche präzise messen, bietet die automatische Kompensation für die Z-Achse für die Unebenheit der Plattformtplatte, die einfache Lösung des Druckfehlers, der durch die Unebenheit der Plattform verursacht wurde, und bietet einen zuverlässigen Betrieb mit allen gebauten Flächen.[160;;-160;;-160;;-160;-1600;
  • Fahrgestell 12304Dual Z-Axis im Bereich des Objekts im Bereich des Objekts im Bereich der Gebäudetechnik.Die Bewegung der Bauplatte wird stabiler sein.Personen im öffentlichen Raum

Creality Ender 5 Plus Vorteile im Kombibereich 1600;


Creality Ender-5 Plus Bltouch Leveling Tutorial

Creality Ender 5 Plus Firmware Flashing (BLTouch Fix)

Drucker 5 Plus 3D

Über Creality Ender 5 Plus in der Kombizone 1600;

Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Drucker 5 Plus 3D
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker
Offizielle Creality Ender 5 Plus 3D Drucker

2019 Creality Ender 5 Plus Bewertung: 10-Stunden-Test

Ein größeres Bauvolumen, eine neue Bett-Nivelliersonde, verbesserte Komponenten: Der Creality Ender 5 Plus will seinen kleinen Bruder übertreffen.Lesen Sie unsere Bewertung, um zu sehen, was wir nach zehn Stunden Tests gefunden haben.

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Parameter Creality Ender 5 Plus

Verfahren des Druckens FDM
Abmessungen drucken 350*350*400mm
Display 4.3 Zoll
Genauigkeit drucken Kombi 1777; 0,1mm
Durchmesser der Düse Standard 0,4mm
Menge Düse 1
Temperatur der Düse ≤260℃
Temperatur im Bett ≤110℃
Betriebsarten der Arbeit Online- oder TF-Karten werden gedruckt
Formate für Dateien STL in Einzelteilen; Odj in Einzelteilen 12289und Schnitt
Software cura 2october; Repeti-Host im Kombi 122899Vereinfacht 3D
Parameter der Leistung Eingang:100-240V AC;Ausgang:DC 24V 21A;Max25A
Material drucken PLA-Nr. 12289; ABS-Nr. 122899; Soft-Glue-Nr. 122899; Wooden-Nr. 122899; Kupfer, das 12289enthält; Gradient, etc.
Verbrauchsgüter Diame 1.75mm
Gewicht des Netzes 18.2KG
Größe der Maschine 632*666*619mm
Gewicht des Bruttoinlandsprodukts 23.8KG
Größe der Verpackung 730*740*310mm

Creality Ender 5 Plus Firmware Download

Ender 5 Plus Firmware im privaten Bereich Download

Ender 5 Plus SD-Card-Datei im Leerlauf 1600; Download

Ender 5 Plus BL Touch (deutsch: englisch) Download

Ender 5 Plus BL Touch (deutsch: englisch)Download

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Ender 5 Plus

1st 3D printer. My son suggested the larger version.

Product arrived with corner of box damaged, however the excellent packaging kept the printer safe.

Setup was easy and perhaps I got lucky with It. Other than the first print all prints were perfect. (I learned on the first print to shut energy saver off, mine is in basement and I need to keep bed heated entire printing time.)

Going to install a couple small upgrades I found on line, like hot bed strain relief and a spool holder with bearings for less resistance.

Don’t think it’s overly loud, but will look into the silent board.

Overall, very impressed, no regrets.

Love it

It is my first #D printer. I was expecting startup issues, but that was really no problem. The first thing I did was making a 3DBenchy, and then I saw the only and first problem. Bed leveling! But the video delivered by Creality was great and now it is working fine! Thank you!

3.75 stars

Right out of the box, I can tell there may be an alignment issue and there's not much I can do to fix that due to machining of parts. I was able to add shims to fix this and it rolled great after.

The T8 lead screw nuts are squealing so bad I had to shut it down. I tried realigning everything, squared up the rest of the frame, loosened everything and then re-tightened, but it only made it worse. I have some anti backlash nuts coming that should fix this issue.

I was expecting a silent board with TMC2209's or at least 08's but if they're on the new board, they don't have silentchop enabled. The screen options are fairly limited. You can't adjust your preheat temp to suit your needs.

All in all, after hearing this machine run for awhile with the motors running noisy, I have no choice but to upgrade to a 32bit board and change out the screen.

Brilliant Machine overall

I bought this as an upgrade from the Ender 3 Pro and couldn't have been happier. The build volume is much better for larger prints. Shame it doesn't come with a mean well power supply and silent board as this would have made it the perfect printer. I ordered the upgraded silent board straight away and what a difference :) Shame about the fans now but compared to before, massive difference. This is the only upgrade I have done and it has worked perfectly as is. I don't see the need for any more upgrades and would recommend if you want to print bigger. I will get a new Ender 3 V2 when they are back in stock as I sold my other and regret it. Worth having 2 printers on the go to save time. I printed the Lego Man on it and looks great

If you need the build area, this is undoubtedly the best printer on the market

I am currently printing Covid-19 face masks for healthcare professionals and both this printer and my Ender 3 are currently dedicated to this, running 7 days a week, 16 hours a day and sometimes longer, for the last two months.

Other than replacing the extruder with a cheap all-metal unit, fitting the Creality silent board and replacing the lead screw brass bearings with cheap delrin bearings (to remove z axis backlash) the printer is running stock.

The only real gripe I have is that after discovering Octoprint introduces artifacts even when hosted on a Raspberry Pi 4, I'm back to printing from SD. The problem here is that unlike the Ender 3, the Ender 5 + stock firmware doesn't have a refresh SD option. If you add a standard SD to micro SD adapter cable, like I did with the E3, then if you change the SD card the printer doesn't pick this up and the lack of a refresh option means you can't update the list of files to print without unplugging and replugging the adapter cable into the controller board - which kind of negates the whole purpose. If Creality could add this feature I'd be overjoyed.

The only other problem I've had is that sometimes I'll get a temperature trip warning during hot-end warmup to 255 degrees. This I think is a firmware issue because if I heat the hotend to 240 then 250 then 255 I don't get the error - and I've never had it fail during printing either.

Print quality is excellent. The slight Y axis ringing on the Ender 3 which is a consequence of the large moving Y bed mass (with a glass plate fitted) is not evident on the Ender 5 and the solidity of the mechanical design is excellent - I think this is clearly the way to build large-format printers. Bed stability and flatness are very good. Using a 25mm square piece of 0.5mm thick thermal silicone sheet in each corner, you do not need any clips to secure the glass plate.