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12/24V Blue Violet Laser Engraving Module High-Power Laser Head Kits

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Product Description
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Blue Violet Laser Engraving Head With 2 Pieces Wood Plates 

This is a laser module that enables the user to engrave wood, acrylic, paper, and many more substances. It can also cut wood and acrylic, depending on the wattage.

An advantage of laser modules is that no firmware upgrade is necessary to run most of them. Typically, they can just clip magnetically to the tool head(attached with magnets). They run from the fan port on the machine and are usually quick to assemble.
This laser module has three strong disc magnets. Therefore, it is suitable for 3D printers that have iron nozzle cover, which includes but is not limited to Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2, Ender 3 MaxEnder 5, etc.
Creality’s laser kit is only for engraving due to its 500-mW laser.
Wavelength: 445 nm (blue)
Power: 500 mv
Voltage: 12 V (DC)
Working current: 2,100 mA  

How to Install the Laser kit on Ender3 V2:Guide

- A Laser is capable of damaging your eyesight, skin, and other people.
- Please read and follow this guidebook carefully before using the laser kit.
- Eye protection is needed when you work with the laser kit.
- The magnets on the laser head are very strong but brittle.
- Laser engraving/cutting can cause smoke, depending on the workpiece, it is necessary to place your machine in a well-ventilated environment.

Laser Head Setup and Installation

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Customer Reviews

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Great but...

A very nice laser, adjusted correctly it will give great results. I hear it at the end of the 5 plus, unfortunately the original cable for this is very tight. But this is probably due to the fact that it was not noticed. The magnets are unfortunately very weak. Part of it was that I had to dismantle the print head and heard a metal plate. The laser nun belongs very well here. Unfortunately there is no program to work properly that can hardly be used by the manufacturer. I would say that a bracket is included.

Garage Make Zone
Laser @ Ender 3

How to install it @ Ender 3? Easy very easy !!!
How it works? Very well !!!
Best, take a look by your self.