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CR-10 V3 E3D Direct Drive Extruder Printer

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CR-10 V3 3D printer - E3D Direct Drive Extruder 3D Printer  |  CR-10 V3 Assembly and Operation  |  About CR-10 V3 3D printer  |  Customer Reviews

CR-10 V3 Original Firmware+BL Touch Firmware Download

CR-10 V3 3D Printer - E3D Direct Drive Extruder 3D Printer

- Direct Titan extruder:  The direct extruder is right above the hot end with little space in between, which enables the extruder to push the filament directly into the nozzle. Since it minimizes the distance for filament traveling to the hot end, the direct extruder is more helpful and reliable when producing 3D prints with flexible soft filaments like TPU and ABS. Furthermore, the biggest benefit of using a direct extruder is easier filament retraction thus avoiding filament stringing and oozing during printing.

- Filament Sensor

-Upgraded Silent Motherboard :It comes with the TMC2208 ultra-mute drive, performing stable and reducing noise.

-Upgraded 24V/350W Mean Well power supply, stable supplying ability, and firm printing.

CR-10 V3 Assembly and Operation

About CR-10 V3 3D Printer Review

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Customer Reviews

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My #1 Printer

I love the CR-10 V3 !! Turns out good consistent prints one right after the other. Also has a great build volume. It's so great I have TWO. Also lots of support out there and fun to upgrade. :)

best deal i have

best printer i ever bought the quality is best and very silent except the motherboard fan the customer service was very helpful shipping was fast overall best purchase i had thank you very much creality!

Unboxing and first impressions

Overall it's a great machine so far but I'll be putting it through it's passes when I start using it for my client work. This was a pretty easy machine to assembly overall. The instructions were really clear and I appreciate that they provide you with the motherboard schematics and troubleshooting tree. I'll be working on a full review at a latter date but first impressions are very good so far. For the stuff that I work on a 0.8 nozzle is better so that was the first change that I made to the machine. I would like to have access to a GitHub repository for the firmware so that if I change the Thermister I can compile it myself. Although I did an unboxing video I have to say the instructions on their website is very good overall and this was one of the easier machines I’ve worked with.

Looking for BLTouch instrucitons?

It took me a couple hours to put the v3 together - I'm graduating from an Ender3 - so I'm quite pleased with the increase in area that I can now print. The v3 is considerably quieter than the Ender 3. I'm quite pleased with the entire experience. The video showing assembly helped greatly!

What I'm looking for is something similar for addition of the BL-Touch which is an upgrade I'm extremely interested in. I've seen the video for the v2. Where can I get the FW that supports BL-Touch? Where do I connect the BL-Touch to the assembly? A video similar to the v2 would help greatly.



Received the printer in just a week after the order. Incredibly simple to assemble. The printer came with all the tools needed as well as very simple instructions. I took my time checking all the pre assembled components making sure all the hardware was tight so it took me a little longer. Didn't find a single nut or bolt that wasn't torqued properly so I feel good about that.

For people in the US, make sure you flip the little switch on the control box to 115v before you try to turn it on!

The software that comes with it is easy to use, however I chose not to use it and downloaded the latest version of Ultimaker Cura. There isnt a V3 printer on there, however the V3 is just a V2 with direct drive standard so just use the V2 printer and it works perfectly.

The bed is warped which was to be expected based off all the reviews I've seen online. Its good enough for small prints in one area but I dont think it would work well if you used the entire bed. You'll either need to replace the bed with something better or install a BLTouch with is 100% worth the money and something I think Creality needs to add as a standard item on their printers.

As for printing, it works exactly as expected, actually, it's better than expected. Im unbelievably pleased with the results and would HIGHLY recommend this printer to newcomers and veterans alike. I cant see anyone being unhappy with this investment.