Ender 3X 3D Printer

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Ender 3X advantages 

  • The glass print bed is mounted on the aluminum plate, which improves material adhesion, makes the surface flatter and simplifies removing prints.
  • There will have five additional nozzles, We don’t yet know if the nozzles are the same or different sizes, but either way, more nozzles are always better than one. If they’re in different sizes, they’ll allow you to go for finer detail or faster printing (the smaller the nozzle diameter, the better the quality but slower the print speed). If they’re all the same size, you’ll have a stack of replacements in case of wear or clogging.
  • Power outages or disconnections should be no problem for Ender 3X 3D printer because it can fully recover and resume the print when it’s back up.

Ender 3X parameter

Printing Method FDM(Fused Deposition Molding)
Printing Size 220*220*250mm
Printing Speed ±0.1mm
Nozzle Diameter Standard0.4mm, can be in 0.2,0.3mm
Max Traveling Speed ≤110℃
Working Mode online or SD card ofline
File Format sTL, obj. amf
Slice Software Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D
Input AC 100-120V/6.8A 200-240V/3.4A 50/60Hz
Output DC 24V 270W
Filament 1.75mm PLA, ABS, Wood, TPU, gradient color, carbon fiber, etc.
N.W. 6.9kg
Machine Size 440*440*465mm
G.W. 8.9kg
Package Size 595*495*165mm


Ender 3X HD Photos 

Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Extremely surprised!

First of all.. I'm not an expert. 2-3 years ago I had a play with prusa i3 copy. I spent over half a day assembling it. Then a lot of time on corrections over few next days. I decide to try with that model due to high selling, good opinions, and after reading some reviews. Basically i was expecting the same issues here, with a slightly better printing quality, because it was hard to believe it is as good as I saw on youtube. I am extremely surprised! It takes me 2 hours on assembling. I did the test print of included `dog 2.5 model`. I was waiting to see how many corrections i have to do. When i saw the results after 20 minutes, it was like `oh my god it's perfect`. I had to stop at 98% as you dont provide enougth PLA, but nevermind, the quality gave me so much satisfaction that I will walk happy the whole week! I am also happy with the parts quality, with the ease of assembly, each parts was well indicated and named, theres no way to pick a wrong screw , that's fantastic. I am very happy that the product was packed professionally and securely. You got me, don't know at the moment if I will need something bigger, but definetely in case I'll need another 3d printer I'll rely on you. And I'll recommend your product everywhere and for everybody. I felt I owed you this review. Thanks from a ultra-satisfied client!

Great little machine!

The Ender 3x is a great little machine. Prints with excellent quality. Make sure you do your research, BEFORE YOU BUY, on how to put it together and to run it correctly. YouTube is your friend.

Very good printer for low budget

The printer ist very good for this money and printed a lot now. The only problem at first was the bed levelling. The safety switch for the z axis was to high so I had to remove a little peace of the plastic so that the Position of the Sensor is now a Lotte bit lower. After this fix everything works fine for me!

Very good print results

This is my 1st 3d printer and the print jobs are very good from the beginning. I've seen so much worse results with other printers. Sometimes it's not perfect, but it's very good and good enough.

Très bon produit mais...

Très bonne imprimante. Le principal soucis est son option (Ender3 X) plateau en verre avec surface d'accroche "Creality" pas franchement convaincant donc j'utilise le plateau fin et granuleux qui remplit parfaitement sa fonction mais qui ne permet pas d'avoir un aspect brillant.
En remplacement d'une Geeetech I3, les impressions sont plus que très satisfaisantes: machine + silencieuse et + rigide.
Mérite 5 étoiles sans ce soucis de plateau "spécial" en verre. E.R.