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377*370mm Ender 5 Plus Tempered Glass Build Plate Replacement

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Product Description

Applicable Products: Ender 5 Plus 3D printer

Ender 5 PLUS Tempered Glass Upgraded Build Plate Printing Surface

  • Experience Pro-hesion- Our state-of-the-art carbon and silicone build surface provides the best adhesion in the market. Once the hotbed cools back to room temperature, the carbon-silicone base will release the model which can be easily removed by hand.
  • Can be placed on top of any existing hotbed surface and be held in place with simple clips
  • As the hotbed heats to higher temperatures, it provides even more adhesion. Perfect for those ABS prints with difficult warping issues.

High hardness and Durable

The hardness is better than aluminum and copper, the ender 5 Plus glass can resistant to 400 ℃and use repeatedly without reducing performance.

Easy to Remove

After the hotbed is cooled, the model can be easily removed from the ender 5 plus glass without any tools

Wear-resistant and Easy clean

After using for several times, the platform will be clean by using alcohol or acetone

Safety Packaging

Creality Ender 5 plus glass has designed with a sponge, special design and strong paper boxes to ensure the safety of transportation and storage.

No Edge Curling

A composite microporous coating is added to the ender 3 glass surface, ensuring that the bottom of print can be firmly attached to the surface of the print platform.

High-Grade Material

Made of 100% Genuine Borosilicate Glass, thick and high quality. Compatible with Ender 5 Plus

Customer Reviews

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Very precise printer with large print volume

I was able to assemble my Ender 5 Plus in about an hour or so. The instructions could be more detailed but most parts are pretty obvious. There needs to be more on mechanical alignment and making sure the bowden tubes are connected firmly. I watched a few of the many videos on YouTube and got the bed very level. I did upgrade the firmware with the update from Kersey Fabrications that fixes the BL Touch automatic leveling process to make it sense the bed more squarely. My first print came out great except the bowden tube popped out and I had to figure out how to make sure it was connected firmly. I see you can make it quieter but I don't think it is that loud. This printer is very accurate. Printing happily :-)