Cables Extension Cable Adapter Flexible Extender SD for 3D Printer

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Product Description

SD Card Extension Cable advantages

If you want some more flexibility when it comes to loading your SD card into your Ender 3 or Ender 3 Pro Printer, check out this SD card extension cable sold directly by the manufacturer. It's easy to install and use, but one reviewer on Creality's website recommends 3D printing a case to make it easier to insert the micro SD card. Let's face it, micro SD cards are tiny, which can make you feel like you’re playing a game of Operation every time you want to start a new print.

As you'll see in 3D printable mods and upgrades later on in the list, there are other DIY approaches you can take as well. However, if you want to spend a few bucks for an official SD card upgrade, this SD Card extension cable might be exactly what you need.

CR 10 cables Extension Cable Adapter Flexible Extender SDCR 10 cables Extension Cable Adapter Flexible Extender SD
CR 10 cables Extension Cable Adapter Flexible Extender SD

Customer Reviews

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2X Ender 5 silent board & SD card extension cable.

Second time ordering from Creality. I ordered the Ender 5 silent board and extension cable for SD card.

Very easy to install and its amazing how silent it is, you just hear the fan. Comes with Bootloader so I just updated to mewest Marlin and enabled corner levelling.

SD extension cable to use with a printed case to make bit easier to insert the SD card then using the in little small gap as I'm scared it will get stuck or something.

Great work Creality, keep it up!