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The Creality Wifi Box is a device that connects to an FDM 3D printer and provides a wireless connection to your smart devices. It will bring a new revolution of wireless connection for  FDM 3D printers.

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众创三维参与申报2020年度湖北省科学技术奖项目公示 各有关单位和个人: 根据《省科技厅关于开展2020年度省科学技术奖提名工作的通知》要求,为确保科学技术奖励的公正性,现将由湖北省教育厅推荐的我公司参与申报2020年度湖北省科技进步奖项目“3D打印关键技术研究及产业化应用”的主要信息予以公示(见附件)。 公示期为2020年5月3日至2020年5月9日。公示期内,任何单位或个人如对申报项目持有异议,请以书面形式实名提交至深圳市众创三维科技有限公司,并提供有效联系方式和必要证明材料。凡匿名、冒名和超出时限的异议不予受理。 联 系 人:唐慧宁 联系电话:13148701265 附件:2020年湖北省科技奖提名公示内容 深圳市众创三维科技有限公司总经办2020年5月3日 ________________________________________________________________ To relevant units and individuals:According to the "Notice of Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology on the Nomination of Provincial Science and Technology Awards 2020", in order to ensure the fairness of scientific and technological awards, our company recommended by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education will now participate in the application of the 2020 Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award Project The main information of "Research on 3D Printing Key Technology and Industrial Application" will be publicized (see attachment).The publicity period is from May 3, 2020...

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